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Oh god there’s so many things in my inbox I was not prepared 

Anonymous sent: Game of Thrones

imageIs this accurate


but what if i do my ocs tho : )


but what if i do my ocs tho : )

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Some grubby buggy creatures I’m workin on
Not sure what fooor yet but they happened

Lil floating guts???
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Lil floating guts???

Eyooo, can y’all name off some birds (or other critters too) with like..interesting colors n patterning n such?

wellisnthatwizard sent: Hi! I'm fascinated with your art style (particularly your teeth posts that drew my attention thanks to the **shininess** of the highlights and colours) and wondered if you had any tips to share on how to achieve a similar look?

UhhHHH WELL I can try!!!
Ok so…I guess use..mostly solids and colors at a high opacity first..then  u can go over them w something at a low opacity to get like, the more subtle colors n shades?? and new colors to use..

Some more teeth

Anonymous sent: Have you attended any art schools or such?

I’m going to one right now actually! About to finish my first year at Montserrat, hoorayy

Romance at its finest
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Romance at its finest

pooped out a sort of ref sheet for a lil mage baby!!That can be a big giant monster yaaaaayColors and clothes are SO difficult wow
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pooped out a sort of ref sheet for a lil mage baby!!
That can be a big giant monster yaaaaay
Colors and clothes are SO difficult wow

Here it is, the long-awaited commission post!

  • Paypal only! I prefer payment upfront
  • If you’re interested, email me at deadwooddross@hotmail.com
  • Prices shown are more like flat-rates than exactly what you’ll pay; The final price can vary a lot based on the complexity and what you want! (busts, simple background, complex scenery, etc)
  • +50% of base price per extra character, though this may also vary depending on the complexity and interaction
  • I’ll draw most things, nsfw included! Feel free to ask about anything
  • I tend to be a little slow, but I’ll try my best to be as quick as I can!

Some studies I did yesterday!
I was going to do more but my wrist wasn’t having any of that

Anonymous sent: How can someone get art from you, so much greatness on here

Aaah well I’m gonna be opening up commissions soon!

-live-out-loud- sent: I wish you put up more arts! I miss seeing it v.v

I’m gonna try to!! I have quite a few things I’m working on..so hopefully I can put more up more often u v u